21 August 2019

NPS makes customer intimacy tangible

“We saw a shift in focus within our market, from engineering and production towards added value and a customer orientation. Experts in fulfilment? There were enough of those. We wanted to distinguish ourselves by offering our customers extra value. That is why we chose a new strategy: customer intimacy.”
21 August 2019

“Enthusiasm as KPI”

“Since 2010 we have switched our complaint management and operational excellence strategy to consumer centricity and working with the Net Promoter Score (NPS). We noticed that consumers wanted to respond and comment, especially in a positive way. So we started with Focus Feedback.”
21 August 2019

NPS is a golden ticket

Every employee at VORM knows the drill: Every day I strive to be, along with colleagues and partners, the best ‘VORMer’ for our customers through performing each day better than yesterday. To live up to that, you should know where you stand at all times. Ieke Tromp explains how VORM accomplishes just that, thanks to the Net Promotor Score (NPS).
21 August 2019

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – The basis for customer loyality

“NPS is the basis for measuring customer loyalty: do you want your customers to promote your company? Why?We believe that you can best achieve this with a clear, accessible methodology and the most efficient measurement process. That is the reason Focus Feedback appeals to us.”
21 August 2019

NPS embedded in policy

“It is very nice to experience that we can really improve processes through good listening. A high NPS score is fine, but it is even more inspiring to set up actions for improvement to ensure an even higher score in the next survey.”
21 August 2019

NPS gives customers a voice

“Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements give our customers a voice, and their voice is heard. We regard positive feedback as a compliment, and very motivating, while we use any critical feedback as a way to engage with them directly and improve our organisation.”
21 August 2019

Portal with HomeDNA brings convenience

“For us, Focus Feedback is not simply an in-house developed system that provides score figures, but rather a methodology that encompasses everything, your entire way of working.”
21 August 2019

Interim feedback to help continuous improvement at Heembouw

“The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is essential to realize our vision: create homes where people want to live. How do we find out if we are succeeding? It’s simple, we ask. With Focus Feedback we measure customer satisfaction four times during the purchase/construction process: after the purchase, the approval of more/less construction work, delivery and after-sales service.”
Italian Trulli
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You may be successful today, but tomorrow you could find that your customers have been driven towards your competitor - customer loyalty is extremely important when it comes to running a successful organisation.