Customer Experience Research with Focus Feedback

At Focus Feedback, it’s all about enthusiasm, ambassadors, and fans! But with our powerful feedback tools, you can measure more than just customer enthusiasm and loyalty. This can also apply to your colleagues. Customer Experience (CX) is of significant importance globally and we understand better than anyone that it can be challenging to know where to start.

No worries! Our feedback tool is so simple and user-friendly that you’ll never want to use anything else. Together, we take the first step towards an organization full of ambassadors and fans. Ready for a leap in enthusiasm? Join us today and discover the unparalleled power of feedback!

Measuring Customer Experience

Curious about your CX? We give your customers a voice so you can discover what excites them and what can be improved. Ask the right questions at the right time.
We send automated surveys to your customers and tailor the right moment for your organization to deliver them. With Focus Feedback, you stand out with an exceptional customer experience.

Feedback for Employee Satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction works in many ways the same as measuring customer experience. If you want to know something, you have to ask!
We assist in setting up your feedback tools and together determine the crucial measurement moments. Together, we create the right measurement moments and questions.

NPS as the foundation

We believe in the research method called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). From that perspective, only three questions are needed to measure employee or customer experience.

The main question is “Would you recommend us to family/friends?” and the follow-up questions, which essentially boil down to “Why would you?” and “Why wouldn’t you?”.

Do you want to know more about NPS? Check out this page!

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