Together we go from feedback to enthusiasm!

We do that with you, but who is “we” and who is Focus Feedback?

Focus Feedback is an NPS expert. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, measuring that score is a method of researching customer satisfaction. The method ensures that when you ask the NPS question you know enough to be able to measure satisfaction. The NPS question is: “How likely is it that you would recommend our service/product to friends/family?”.

No long surveys, but feedback that you can use!

We already do this for over 100 customers all over the world. From the gym at the end of your street to the world’s leading manufacturer of home appliances.

Who are the people behind it? Well let’s do a round of introductions.

Dave Wurms


As the founder of an organization that revolves around customer enthusiasm and loyalty, Dave knows better than anyone how to enthuse the people around him. He has been active in the NPS circuit for years and likes to immerse himself in the latest developments and technologies to be the first to offer his customers the optimal possibilities.

Mary Boeyink


As one of the Focus Feedback partners, Mary is responsible for everything related to Finance and HRM. She understands the drives and needs of our customers and colleagues better than anyone. Her specialty is to go that extra mile. Enthusiastic customers and colleagues, that is what drives her and what she likes to get up for in the morning.

Jos de Bruijn


Jos is a developer in heart and soul and as a longest-serving colleague, the technology of Focus Feedback holds no secrets for him. Together with Dave, Jos has built Focus Feedback into what it is today. Do you have a technical question? Then Jos is there for you to answer them.

Aron Piekema


Are you going to get started with Focus Feedback? Then you are guaranteed to come into contact with Aron. He takes you into the world of NPS, Focus Feedback and customer enthusiasm and loyalty. Please, ask all your questions, because Aron likes a challenge.

Govert Janssen

Business Developer

Govert is also well known for a long time in the research world. In the late 1990s, as a market researcher, he devised, introduced and applied the Closed Loop Feedback principle worldwide. Govert has already supported many organizations in the field of Customer Excellence, now it is Focus Feedback’s turn.

Brian Wijnandts


Brian, as an experienced front-end developer, ensures that Focus Feedback looks good to our users and is fully equipped. His mission is to make the Focus Feedback software a little better every day.

Inge de Kok

Teamlead Marketing & Support

Driven by a passion for the communications profession and making others happy, Inge wants to empower her team members and customers. Working together to deliver exceptional experiences that drive growth and loyalty.

Anouk Strijbos

Communications specialist

Anouk derives a lot of energy from inspiring others and keeping them in motion. Thanks to her empathy, she gains a clear understanding of what a (potential) customer needs. With her creativity, she ensures a good outcome.

Roel van Iersel

Customer Success Manager

Roel is one of the faces of Feedback4Sports. As a Customer Success Manager, he finds it important that gym owners can properly measure the NPS and improve their customer satisfaction. Curious what we can do for you? Roel is happy to assist you.

Imke van de Pol

Financial administrator

Imke is responsible for the financial administration within Focus Feedback. With her years of experience, she works meticulously, partly because she considers it important that the administration is carried out perfectly. Her goal? Imke values customer satisfaction and strives for it.

Albert AI

Digital Feedback Analyst

Albert is a specialist in automatic feedback classification. With precise algorithms, he converts written feedback into clear insights. He speaks all languages, never takes a break, and divides unbiased feedback into main and sub-labels with sentiments. Albert AI is already indispensable to our team!