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Experience how feedback contributes to increasing customer satisfaction

Let your organization grow with valuable feedback. With customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) and employee satisfaction surveys (ESAT), you discover the strengths, and improvement opportunities of your organizations. Easily send surveys, create dashboards, and follow up on feedback with Focus Feedback. This makes improvement simple.

Experience positive change with enthusiastic an loyal customers and employees.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Give customers a voice with personalized customer satisfaction surveys. Send emails and surveys in your house style without limits. We collaborate with you, offer support, and cheer you on from the sidelines. Enthusiasm is your key to success.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Do you konw how satisfied your team is? This is important because happy employees lead to happy customers. Easily send surveys to your team and create dynamic dashboards. Give your team a voice and grow with engaged employees.

Discover the power of employee feedback!

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NPS Focus Feedback

Net Promoter score

Our software and dashboards are based on the philosophy of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from Bain & Company. Only three questions are enough to get all the information you need. No lengthly surveys, but short and to the point. So, filling out the questionnaire only takes 2 minutes of your customer’s or employee’s time.

Want to learn more about NPS? Check here how we apply NPS!

Meet our fan club

Our motto? ‘Making Ambassadors!’. We aim to make a real fan out of every customer, because who can better tell about their good experiences than customers themselves? These experiences have been specially collected for you.

Curious about the experiences of others on their journey to even more satisfaction?

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officiele vendor bain & company

Official NPS Vendor Bain & Company

Bain & Company is the founder of the Net Promoter Score. As an official seller of their principles, we are listed as ‘NPS Vendors’ on their website. Our close ties with Bain also brings many benefts to you as a customer!

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Who is Focus Feedback?

Focus Feedback was born out of pure enthusiasm for enthusiasm. A customer centric world, that’s what we aim for.

Focus Feedback is a Dutch team that is there for you! Think of us as your remote satisfaction colleagues. Together, we work towards more enthusiasm, loyalty, and improvements for the entire organization.

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We never tire of talking about customer satisfaction

Take a look at our knowledge center. Here you discover all the beauties from the world of customer satisfaction, and why we are so passionate about Customer Experience (CX). But be careful, because enthusiasm is contagious; you might catch it before you know it.

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