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The only person who really knows how your business functions is the customer. Focus Feedback gives your customers and employees a voice. We make customer loyalty, customer enthusiasm and employee satisfaction comprehensible, and ensure that feedback always remains the top priority with continual support. It is this continual focus on points of improvement and enthusiasm that makes your organisation stronger and future-proof.

Worldwide focus

Our goal is to make the world more customer-focused. With our tailor-made solutions, we strive for enthusiastic customers and dedicated employees, all over the world.



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Our focus
Measurements are more than just knowledge to us.

We are passionate and dedicated and believe that insight into customer experiences is the key to success. With employees and customers as the ambassadors for your organisation.

Asking for feedback is the first step. You only gain results when you follow up on customer feedback and translate that into concrete points for improvement. Our experience experts offer your organisation active support for a better customer experience.

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Izaac van Kralingen, Global NPS Officer – BSH Huishoudapparaten

“Enthusiasm as a KPI”

In 2010, we switched from complaint management and the strategy of operational excellence to consumer centricity and working with the Net Promoter Score (NPS). We noticed that consumers wanted to react and make comments, even positive feedback. So, we started with Focus Feedback […]

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Stay updated

Enthusiasm is what we strive for in customers and employees. Also, in our communication. Discover the latest news from Focus Feedback here.

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