Measure, analyse and optimise each customer experience

Customer Focus Experience ™

Know what customers think of you and what they experience; that’s ultimately what makes the difference. These customer experiences determine whether your product, service or even organisation remain successful. Customers are the most valuable advisers and the best experts. The better their experiences, the more enthusiastic they are. It is the enthusiastic customers that are more loyal and recommend your product or service to others, reinforcing your organisation’s image, reduce costs and grow revenue.

With our CFX solutions, we focus on your customer’s experience. We receive valuable feedback from your customers and transform satisfaction into enthusiasm. And the enthusiastic customers? They also promote enthusiastic employees.

NPS makes customer intimacy tangible

“We saw the focus within our market shift from technology and production to added value and client-focus. Expert performers? There were plenty. We wanted to differentiate ourselves and offer our customers extra value. That’s why we chose a new strategy: customer intimacy.” – Marieke Mentink, Adjunct Director Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo

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Focus Feedback software

Using our dynamic, state-of-the-art dashboard, reports and analysis tools in combination with a clear follow-up workflow, you’re in a position to directly anticipate the continual feedback from customers. The dashboard is completely tailor-made for your organisation.

Tailor-made communication
Communication as your customers wish

Sending invitations to customers happens automatically as well as manually, and is possible 24/7. We do this with suitable channels, including e-mail, sms or social media. Invitations are sent based on clear criteria, so we avoid double invitations and customers do not receive invitations too often. They can unsubscribe at any time. A reminder is sent after a few days.

Clear information
Showing valuable insight

The results of each feedback moment are summarised with relevant background information of the customer, including product groups, locations, age and gender. You can see the customer experience at a glance using diagrams, graphs and tables. All results can be followed by process, business unit or employee, and can be compared for more in-depth and concrete follow-up.

Your own look & feel
Everything in your own style

We seamlessly align our invitations, reminders, surveys and thank-you messages to your corporate identity, including logo, colour pallet and images. So, they are always recognisable to your customers and contribute to your business’ professionalism. We also ensure a higher feedback response during the customer journey using short, powerful surveys.

Closed Loop Feedback
Personal and concrete follow-up

We used a closed loop feedback method. We use this to measure and analyse feedback from your customers and you can take direct action by sending your customers a personal feedback message. This can be done directly, but also by integrating feedback into your marketing and communication strategy by placing reviews on your website or social media.

Feedback classification
Content says more than numbers

The more specific the customer’s feedback, the more valuable it is. It is the feedback from open questions that puts you in a position to focus on points for improvement. Feedback from open questions are divided into categories in the dashboard: the strong points and points for improvement for each category are immediately visible. So, you immediately know what you need to focus on.

Reports & infographics
Share feedback in an engaging manner

You can highlight feedback internally in a detailed manner using periodic reports, infographics and presentations during meetings and corporate events. It is also important to inform employees of customer results so that customer experience is in the DNA of each employee and they become and stay enthusiastic.

Customer Feedback Management
Comprehensible, multilingual and secure

Our Focus Feedback software is an SaaS solution that is accessible anywhere, from any device. Using an API, we easily link our software to the systems you work with. So, you’ve got everything in one place. We also ensure that the right people are trained to optimally use the dashboard. Asking for and analysing feedback is possible in all written languages and feedback is stored and processed pursuant to strict security regulations.

+ Real-time insight into customer feedback.
+ Comparable numbers and classified open responses.
+ The possibility for individual follow-up and internal sharing of results
+ All-around feedback with complaints, compliments and  improvements.
+ Integrated system thanks to API linking.
+ All contemporary feedback methods.n