Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step

Every customer interaction counts. That’s why with Focus Feedback, you focus on analyzing and improving every crucial point in the customer journey. The result? Loyal customers who stay and recommend you to others. With our customer satisfaction survey (CSAT), you go through 5 phases of research:

1.      Preparation for satisfaction surveys

During the setup phase, we carefully choose the measurement moments that mark your customer journey. We call these measurement moments touchpoints. It’s essential to ask the appropriate questions at the right moments. With over 20 years of experience in satisfaction surveys, we determine the touchpoints together. We also collaborate to create emails and surveys in the branding of your organization. This includes the text and tone of voice, as well as the look and feel.

2.      Survey sending process

We aim for a continuous flow of feedback. To achieve this, we make importing email addresses as straightforward as possible. For example, we use an API integration. We ensure a constant flow of customer feedback through automated deliveries. Convenience and efficiency are priorities, allowing you to focus on utilizing valuable customer feedback for improvement and growth.

3.      Data analysis, what is the level of customer loyalty?

Be notified when feedback is received with automated alerts. By setting up personal notification preferences, you receive an immediate message when new feedback becomes available.

With the obtained data, you can create as many dashboards and charts as you like. We offer a wide range of more than 20 charts with numerous filtering options. Visualize the feedback in a way that suits you and discover valuable insights. The possibilities are endless.

4.      Processing feedback from customer satisfaction surveys

Following up on feedback is straightforward through the Closed Loop Feedback (CLF) module. Call or email your customer based on the received feedback. If you don’t have time, don’t worry! It’s possible to assign feedback to colleagues. Together, you keep track of the status.

Want insight into written feedback? Create an overview with our Classification module. With this, you can easily label and classify feedback.

5.      Sharing CSAT experiences

Beautiful stories and positive feedback deserve visibility! That’s why you can use the Story Widget, which you can easily place on your website. Internal feedback sharing? No problem. You can do that with our narrowcasting capabilities!