Automatic classification for a better Customer Experience

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), customer feedback is automatically classified. This gives you quick insights into customer needs. You can make structural improvements. This benefits the customer experience (CX).

Fast customer feedback analysis

Feedback received in open text fields is considered unstructured data. OpenAI categorizes and labels these customer experiences automatically. Written feedback is translated into understandable customer insights directly. This speeds up the customer feedback analysis. Trends and patterns become visible in no time. The advantage? You can structurally improve your company and respond quickly to customer needs, creating loyal ambassadors.

Integration without problems

Automatic customer feedback classification is integrated in a modular manner within Focus Feedback. You choose whether to use it or not. Are you interested? No problem! The integration runs smoothly, ensuring existing workflows remain undisrupted.

Safe feedback analysis

Worry not about about data protection while using automatic classification. We have conducted a thorough DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment). Based on the results, we have taken appropriate security measures. Personal data is automatically deleted before feedback is sent to OpenAI. Our automatic classification tool complies with the most recent global data security standards.

Unbiased customer feedback analysis

Automatic classification is trained for unbiased and accurate data processing. This ensures reliable and objective feedback analysis.

The benefits of automatic classification

AI classifies customer feedback quickly and efficiently. This results in reduced staff costs and improved quality. Quickly meet customer needs and contribute to a more profitable and efficient process. Use our tool to effortlessly generate valuable customer insights.

Almost forgot, our smart tool’s name is Albert AI! If you have questions about Albert AI, feel free to ask.

Focus Feedback Automatic classification Flow