Employee Satisfaction Survey: An Essential HR Tool

A company culture where employees feel valued and work with passion. That’s what you want, right? Enthusiastic employees dedicate themselves to customers with energy, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Companies with engaged employees are 20% more profitable and enjoy 10% higher customer ratings according to research.

Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) using eNPS

The eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is a powerful HR tool. It’s no wonder it’s increasingly used to measure employee satisfaction. It provides insight into employee loyalty and serves as a barometer for team engagement. Measuring eNPS is based on one key question: “How likely are you to recommend your employer to others?”

The importance of additional questions

While measurement is a good starting point, we often forget what matters. That’s why we ask two additional open-ended questions: “What’s going well?” and “What can be improved?” These open-ended questions provide valuable information and answer questions that are not explicitly asked.

More than just numbers: valuable feedback

While the Employee Net Promoter Score is important, it’s not the only thing to consider. The real gold lies in written feedback from your employees. Written feedback provides valuable insights and input for improvement. By working with this feedback, you contribute to building a stronger bond with your employees.

Create an inspiring corporate culture with employee satisfaction surveys

We’re here to help you create a corporate culture where enthusiasm and engagement are paramount. With Focus Feedback as your guide in employee satisfaction surveys, you listen to your employees, understand their needs and learn how to increase their loyalty and enthusiasm. Employees who feel valued and genuinely engaged take pride in their workplace and share it with others.

These positive changes all begin within your organization. Let’s start today creating an environment where everyone feels at home. Together, we ensure that your organization grows.